Beadcamp Instruction In Lampwork Glass and Metalworking

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April 4–8 (arrive 3, depart 9), 2017

In this class Terri and Anne will be team teaching. Terri will teach flameworking for three days showing you how to improve your glass techniques and achieve more precision, symmetry and refinement in your work. Anne will focus on teaching you how to create fused fine silver findings for larger flameworked focal beads and fused chain and clasps for your necklaces. 

About Terri

Terri has been a bead maker since 1999. Before discovering flamework, her creative life focused on fiber arts, including surface design on silk and the Japanese process of Katazome, which involves complex stencil cutting and resist dying using natural pigments. She finds the meditative quality of flameworking to be a good balance with her life as a nurse-midwife in a busy hospital based practice. Most of Terri’s beads are characterized by the use of line and repetition to create complex symmetrical designs.  She is interested in the manipulation of lines on the bead’s surface to create rhythmic tesselated patterns and motifs that are inspired by biological forms, Escher-like interlocking shapes, architectural details, and Mid-Century ceramic design. 

Dots, Lines and Tessellations

This three-day workshop is for intermediate beadmakers who would like to achieve more precision, symmetry and refinement in their work. For three days we will set aside all our fancy tools, presses, powders, metals, and fumes, and focus on fine tuning and expanding basic and ancient techniques in surface design. The mastery of these skills will give you freedom to express more complex ideas in your work. This is old-school beadmaking with an emphasis on slowing down, finding your rhythm, and honing the skills that will help you transform your ideas into reality. Using three simple tools and the power of your hand, eye and mind, you will take your beadmaking to a new level.

We will work on precise dot placement, dot shaping, optical color blending, pick work, masking, stringer and micro-stringer techniques, as well as the use of negative space and line as key design elements. I’ll share with you my methods of shaping a base bead to achieve a good foundation for detailed surface work. You’ll learn some useful tricks with the 3X5 marver, and how precise heat control will enable you to manipulate the surface of your bead almost as you would clay. I’ll show you how to correct little errors in your work so you don’t have to plunge that 45-minute masterpiece in the water. Exercises will be technique oriented with lots of practice time and individual attention. We’ll have on-going discussions about inspiration and design. You’ll find that many interesting ideas can emerge from intense focus and repetition of basic techniques in flameworking.

About Anne

Award-winning metalwork artist Anne Mitchell is teaching two days at BeadCamp to show you how to create silver findings and chain to show off your beautiful beads. Anne started her creative career over 25 years ago as a professional lighting designer. Looking for another outlet for her artistic energies, Anne began teaching chain making and metal working approximately 13 years ago for just pure enjoyment. During those years, Anne found that the creative outlet provided by teaching as well as a consistent demand for her classes was too alluring to deny. Leaving lighting behind in 2003, Anne is now a full-time designer, teacher, and author.

Anne will teach a two part class, one for creating findings for focal beads and one for making silver chain. 

Creating Fine Silver Chain for your Flamework Creations
This is the class that flameworkers and flamework bead collectors have asked me to teach for the last three years. In this class you will learn my techniques for setting delicate lampwork beads in unique fine silver settings. You will learn dapping and punching techniques for end-caps, slider bar assemblies for barrel beads, hook connections for elongated barrel beads and my signature forceps style spinner bail for those (problematic, I don't know what to do with those amazing) disk beads. 

Technique focus: fine silver fusing, texture and patina

Fine Silver Chain Creations
In the second part of the metalworking class we will make chain. Have you heard the one about fine silver being too expensive? Or, the one about fine silver being too soft for jewelry construction? Let these myths about this amazingly affordable and structural medium be put aside and join me for a full day of fine silver chain making.

In only a matter of hours I can help you unlock, refresh or just fine tune your fine silver fusing techniques. I have 17 years of metals experience that I can share with you. During this one day intensive, I will go over winding, cutting, joining, fusing, texturing, work hardening and patina for the chain that you will start and finish. By incorporating my kitchen table-top, Low Tech Metalsmithing™ techniques, you too can stop buying ready made chain and finish off your own jewelry creations with chains that you have made yourself. The only limit to this technique is your own imagination.

Technique focus: creating, fusing, texturing and patina for fine silver chain making.

Terri Caspary Schmidt and Anne Mitchell