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Melting glass made its first impact when my husband and I were in Germany while he was in the army. Immediately intrigued, the impression lingered for years. Back in the States, it took time to find instructors who’s work spoke to me, even longer to persuade them to teach me some skills. Thank goodness we are fortunate to have easy access to wonderful instructors and training resources now … especially in BeadCamp!

Playing with fire for a living is always a surprise. Glass continues to offer a platform for expression, exploration and creativity … and even frustration at times! I’ve been working with glass for more than 18 years and have come to better understand its rhythms, requirements, and boundless potential-—and it still amazes me!

Although avoiding a third degree burn may sound like the most daunting part of this wonderful process, with practice, navigating the flame can become second nature. The importance of each student feeling comfortable with their own adventure in glass is paramount. In this class students will learn how to read the heat of the flame and the habits of the glass. Learning safety and set up and great basic skills only begins a long list of lampwork techniques. Soft subtle florals, whimsical animals, “Tree of Life”, organics are taught in detail. No need to use class time taking notes, as a complete set of typed notes, with pictures, is available to each student.

Life with glass has taken me many places, both mentally and physically, and I now enjoy sharing this wonderful art form through teaching at various workshops and private studios, at NC State University, and at BeadCamp since it was first a sparkle in Marley’s eye. And at the end of the week, students leave with more than a handful of beautiful beads and more than a room full of wonderful new friends.

2 Class Descriptions

"Basics and Beyond" ("Janie part 1")
October 25–29 (arrive 24, depart 30), 2016

This class is perfect for beginner to intermediate lampworkers who want to establish solid basics and learn numerous design techniques.

What we will cover: Various bead shapes with good puckers and balance, encasing, stringers and twisties. Learning various flowers, fish and birds, hearts, 'Tree of Life' and beachy themed beads. Tricks to save on glass, tools and time. Typed notes will be included.

There will be time to practice, experiment, get questions answered, and most importantly, make BEAUTIFUL BEADS.

​​“Everything But The Kitchen Sink” ("Janie part 2")  March 28–April 1 (arrive 27, depart 2), 2017

A broad scope of beads in soft glass to hone individual talent and develop new inspiration. (advanced beginner and intermediate skills)

This class is perfect for the student who’s a step above the total beginner. “Part 2” class will launch and raise individual skill level by learning specific beads that will hone individual artistry.

What we will cover: Landscapes, Critters, Raku Magic, Whimsy and surface ‘add ons’ (shards, murrini, metal, enamel), is just the start of a broad list of beads to experience. This class will open new possibilities with across the board skills to expand your glass bling.

Two sessions: ​"Basics and Beyond" October 25–29 (arrive 24, depart 30), 2016

“Everything but the Kitchen Sink” March 28–April 1 (arrive 27, depart 2), 2017

Beadcamp Instruction In Lampwork Glass and Metalworking

Janie Jones