Beadcamp Instruction In Lampwork Glass and Metalworking

Holly Cooper
May 2–6

Sharon Peters
April 18–22

Janie Jones (part 2)
March 28–April 1, 2017

2017 January–May 

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Jari Sheese
March 14–18 and 21–25

Kathryn Guler
March 7–11

Lisa Daigle
February 14–18

Deb Karash
January 31–February 4

PlayWeeks at BeadCamp
January 17–21
 and January 22–29

Stephanie Sersich
January 10–14

Corina Tettinger
February 7–11

BeadCamp brings in the best instructors worldwide so our students can learn from them. Classes are all five days long (except "Mini BeadCamps") so students can be immersed in the experience of excellence. We try to provide the best learning and social experience possible for both the instructors and the students so new friends are met, great networking is possible, and most of all, everyone enjoys a memorable experience that will bring them lifelong pleasure in recalling their BeadCamp experience!

World Class Instructors

Mini BeadCamps with Marley Beers

We also offer custom "Mini BeadCamps" that are designed with your needs and time in mind. These are taught by Marley Beers and include beginning lampworking, basic precious metal clay and/or traditional metal working, jewelry design and, of course, plenty of beach and shopping time if desired. Come alone or bring your friends and we'll design a mini vacation especially for you. No experience necessary! See tab for "Mini BeadCamps"