Beadcamp Instruction In Lampwork Glass and Metalworking

Dinner at Pops after Drum Circle
Jari Sheese demonstrating the next project
Graduation dinner party
Sunset at Nokomis Beach
BeadCamp Studio
Lunch in the sun
Susan and Amanda attracting future BeadCampers at Drum Circle
Holly Cooper demonstrating her incredible stringer control

World Class Instructors in a Cozy and Professional Setting

Astrid Riedel demonstrating Hollow Beads
Sharon Peters discussing sculptural construction
Corina Tettinger helping students with stringer control

Our New Studio

Here are photos of our new studio for you to see! It's awesome and right next to a wonderful art gallery and nice restaurants! The studio has a little gallery in it too.

Astrid Riedel demonstrating a blown bead

BeadCampers make new friends

BeadCamp has it all!

Remember as a kid when you could do the things you loved all day and into the evening while having fun with your friends? Well, this is BeadCamp! Join us in Florida, for five fun-filled days of flame-worked glass, precious metal clay, and/or metal-working techniques. Over half of our BeadCampers are returning for another workshop! Some are on their eighth or ninth in only four years! They've become "family" now.

Why do we all love BeadCamp?

  • There are great instructors!
  • It's affordable and includes five full days of instruction including open torch time
    every evening, so you can really settle in, learn new skills, get to know the
    instructor, make new friends, an have lots of fun!