Class Descriptions:

Session 1: Hollows, Enamels, and Cold Working.

Session 2: Hollows from Start to Advanced, and Enamels

Session 3: Hollows, and 3D Dimensions

Off Mandrel Hollows
Day 1: Theory on blowing glass beads off mandrel. Creating round, lentil and tapered tube shaped hollow beads off mandrel without decorations.
Day 2: Theory on expansion (example: softness/stiffness of different colors of glass).
Theory on applying different decorations on a hollow bead.
Creating hollow lentil shaped beads with decorations such as shards, enamels and fine stringers.
Creating twisties and applying them to a hollow tube bead.

3-D Hollows
Theory on preparation of implosions.
Creating the base for the implosions.
Using enamels for color.
How to create a 3-D square pattern in the hollow bead.
How to make a loop on the bead.
Using thick stringers to create a 3-D effect in the bead.

"I started with lampwork in 2003 and my main interest is expressing my self through textures, design, color, and shape of a bead. Each bead is a little canvas, and often I want to create an interest beyond what is obvious at first glance. I love to draw you into the bead to see beyond the surface.

Most of my work is intuitive, I have an idea and theme and choose the colors, but I allow my creative juices to flow when I pick up the first rod of glass to “prime” my canvas. This is also what I aim to pass on to other bead makers around the world; I teach my techniques with the aim to give the students new ideas to develop into their own style."

Astrid will be traveling all the way from South Africa to teach at BeadCamp so this is a very special opportunity to learn from an incredibly talented artist. Astrid says she "is passionately obsessed with glass beads and all things glass!! I love to travel and teach the art of glass bead making, meeting new people and places. I love hiking in the mountains and walking in the forests, and when I go to my place of birth (The Netherlands), I love to cycle for hours, till I can't sit on the saddle anymore!!! I love having coffee with a friend and chatting for hours. And I love to talk about making beads, anyone care to listen?"

"Each bead is blown off mandrel on a blow pipe, each pattern, color and detail you see is layered onto the base bead. It is quite a challenge to blow glass with different colors and designs as each of these expand and contract at different rates. Even though the COE is all 104, each color has a different viscosity (resistance of flow). This is what in part makes these beads special and unique. Much time is spent on preparing elements for the design of the bead."

"Each bead I make is unique and you will never find another one like it, I create from my heart. 

I take pleasure in combining color, shape and design, to create something that pleases the eye and also adds a touch of uniqueness to define your personality."

Astrid Riedel

Three Sessions:October 3–7 (arrive 2, depart 8), October 10–14, (arrive 9, depart 15), and  
​October 17–21 (arrive 16, depart 22) 2017

Beadcamp Instruction In Lampwork Glass and Metalworking

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These workshops are Intermediate
​ to advanced level.