Amanda Muddimer

January 23–27 (arrive 22, depart 28), 2018

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Beadcamp Instruction In Lampwork Glass and Metalworking

Amanda Muddimer
International Glass Bead Artist

Manda has been a bead maker since 2005. She began her career after an ‘Introduction to bead making” with Diana East earlier that year.

In 2007, she became one of the first in the UK to line glass beads with Sterling Silver. Mangobeads silver cored beads then known as ‘Buddies’, very soon became collectable in their own right.

Manda now has a unique collection of work and is well known for her eclectic use of colour. Her ‘Folklore Collection’ originally inspired by colours and designs found on the historic canals and waterways of Great Britain are her favourites and represent everything she aspired to when she first began making glass beads. Much of her work now is cabochon based and her Harlequin and Sundial designs sold as pendants and ring toppers have become very collectable.

In 2012 she demonstrated at Flame Off here in the UK, and since then has travelled at home and internationally as both instructor and presenter.

In 2014 she was invited to present her work at the ISGB Conference in Houston Texas.

The  classes and workshops she gives have awakened a passion for teaching  she never knew she had . The opportunity to share her skills with others perhaps just beginning their journey in lamp work is a constant reminder of how lucky she is to have discovered bead making and the joy it brings with it.

The Ultimate Cabochon Workshop

Simple, small, big, and complex cabochons in all my designs. Skill building through the week making poppers, badges and lots of fun things. Ultimately creating a cabochon in a design of your choosing and setting it in a silver bezel creating a beautiful pendant.

Plenty of help with choosing colour, heat management, shaping ( without tools) ...... cab cleaning, gluing, soldering and basic silver smithing skills.

Big Hole Beads the Patchwork Way

Dots, layers of dots and more dots on big hole mandrels to create your own collection of Patchwork Beads.

Create your own collection of beads through the week which we will tumble and wax. Students will need to bring their own big hole bead mandrels 3/8 is the size I use for my
Patchwork Beads. You can purchase these from Arrow Springs ... I would suggest a minimum of 3. There will be a small charge for silver.

Tool and supply list:

Please bring basic metal working tools such as flush cutters, micro mesh cloth in different grades, sandpapers, and a nylon hammer. Contact us if you need more specifics. BeadCamp will have the larger metalworking tools such as disc cutters, flat lap, soldering torches and more. However if you have these things please bring them. 

A list of specific gage silver, and other supplies will be given at a later date or you can purchase a "Supply Kit" once we've worked out the details.